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2022-2023 Board Updates

Frisco Fastpacs is thrilled to welcome two new members to our Board of Directors. Cynthia Hurley and Christi Mitchell have both been long-time supporters and volunteers of Fastpacs, and we are pleased to add their extensive governance experience to our leadership team.

We also begin this semester with some new board officers. Meaghan Wall was just named Chair-Elect, and will succeed our current Board Chair, Karen Cunningham, at the end of Karen's term.

Sarah Recker is taking on the role of Board Secretary for 2022-2023, as she enters her second year on the Fastpacs Board. She is following in the talented footsteps of Kristan Olfers, who will now be chairing the Governance Committee after two years as Board Secretary.

Other board members returning this year are Matthew Reiter, reprising his service as Board Treasurer; Ann Anderson and Tracy Gamble, each beginning their third year; Sadaf Haq and Christal Howard, each beginning their second year; and ex officio members Rene Archambault and Tiffany Ragland.

We will miss the service of Katrina Watland, who is on international sabbatical this year.

The Fastpacs board and staff are especially grateful to Kenneth Wolverton, who is retiring from the Fastpacs board after serving several years as board member, Board Chair and Past Chair -- and whose steady, tireless guidance of the organization cannot be over-stated or over-appreciated.

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