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Partnerships All Around Us!

Frisco plays host to hundreds of corporations for their annual meetings and conferences each year. The Visit Frisco team works to put all the pieces together to make their time in Frisco top notch. One of the features companies have been seeking for their employees recently is a give-back component in the local community. When asked who might be able to scale an event for their employees, the Visit Frisco team brought Frisco Fastpacs into the conversation.

We have been partnering with the Food for Good program, through the PepsiCo Foundation, to provide a volunteer activation on-site for larger scale events. Using the logistical resources and know-how of PepsiCo has been a welcomed experience for the Frisco Fastpacs team.

This month Hexure came to town and set up their give back experience at The Omni at The Star. They packed up 1,750 meals in under an hour! Check out the photos from the event and let us know if your business is looking for a large-scale volunteer activation at your upcoming annual meeting.

Thank you to the Visit Frisco team for believing in our mission and supporting the children in our community. It really does take a village and we are happy you are a part of ours!

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