Are there specific items that FastPacs is collecting?


The items we collect are listed on the “How to Help” at the tab.  We strive to distribute weekend meal packs that are easily prepared by little hands, so these are the only items we collect.


Do we need to supply the food collection bins?


We can supply the collection bins with advanced notice.


How long should I run my food drive?


One to two weeks is ample time to run a food drive.  Begin marketing to your group beforehand for the greatest success!


Where should we place the collection bins?


Most schools/churches place them in the hallways outside the cafeteria and near the front entrance for easy drop off.  Businesses should place them in the lobby or another gathering place for employees/customers. 


What do we do if the bin gets full and the food drive isn’t over yet?


Send us an email at if your bins get full before your food drive is complete.  We will be happy to send a volunteer to pick up and replace the bins.


Can my group (sports team, church, scouts) pack our own bags?


This activity is wonderful for teambuilding within your group, whether corporate, school or service club. Check out our How to Help page or email us at to get a list AND quantitiy of what goes in each weekend meal bag.